A diaphragmatic hernia can be defined as the collapsing of the contents of the abdominal cavity into thethorax as a result of a diaphragmatic defect. Most often it is congenital, but can also be acquired. Congenital hernia is a foetal defect that is most often diagnosed before birth by ultrasound or in newborns, and forms during intrauterine growth.The cause of congenital hernia is the abnormal development of tissues and the walls of body cavities. On the other hand, an acquired diaphragmatic hernia occurs after a blunt or penetrating injury in which the diaphragm ruptures and is accompanied by a hernia of the abdominal contents. Acquired diaphragmatic hernia may appear spontaneously or as a result of iatrogenic causes. Acquired diaphragmatic hernia is quite rare, but is very dangerous, causing entrapment and suffocation, and can be associated with high mortality.
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