Multiple myeloma is the most common bone tumour characterised by the uncontrolled proliferation of malignant plasma cells. The study presents two case reports of patients with multiple myeloma with manifestation in the maxillofacial region, visualised with the use of a panoramic radiograph. The patients were admitted to hospital due to back pain caused by pathological changes in the vertebral column, including low-energy fractures. The treatment involved a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patients were referred for panoramic X-ray and oral cavity sanitation, which revealed an increase in bone mineral loss and the presence of multiple osteolytic lesions. Similar radiological findings were observed in the jaws of both patients. Radiography, including dental panoramic radiographs, plays a crucial role in the detection of osteolytic lesions associated with multiple myeloma. Dentists, during routine check-ups, can be the first to detect osteoporotic changes in the bones.
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