The AIDS disease epidemic is still a global problem. To date, finding the connection between HIV and SARSCoV-2 infection is very significant.

Case Report:
A 51-year-old woman was admitted to the Neurology Department due to neurological symptoms lasting for 1.5 months. Imaging examinations of the CNS, chest CT and cerebrospinal fluid examination revealed significant abnormalities. Tests for HIV and SARS-CoV-2 were both positive. Klebsiella pneumoniae ESBL+ was detected in rectal swab as well as findings of Candida antigens and antibodies of Cryptococcus neoformans mycosis in serum. Due to these results, appropriate treatment was implemented but with with a time delay which resulted in the death of the patient.

HIV infection may be associated with an increased risk of severe SARS-CoV-2 infection causing an increase in mortality rate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Confirmation and early detection of HIV infection permits early and accurate diagnosis and faster treatment decisions.

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