Ogilvie’s syndrome is a rare disease with a relatively high mortality rate (15%). It consists in significant distension of the colon, which is not caused by its obstruction. According to researchers, it usually occurs in patients with severe illness, injury, or after surgery The aim of the study is to present a clinical case report of a patient with Ogilvie’s syndrome. A 69-year-old patient with arterial hypertension, double-vessel coronary artery disease – after aortocoronary bypass surgery with abdominal pain, gas and stool retention, vomiting lasting for 3 days, came to the Hospital Emergency Department. No peritoneal symptoms were observed on examination, the abdomen was soft on palpation, no audible peristalsis. A standing X-ray of the abdominal cavity showed no perforation of the gastrointestinal tract. In the planned and performed sigmoidoscopy, no obvious obstruction in the sigmoid colon was observed. The cause of the obstruction was Ogilvie’s syndrome
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