Foot metastasis as a first clinical manifestation of rectal carcinoma
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Department of Internal Medicine, Medical University, Lublin, Poland
Department of Radiology, Medical University, Lublin, Poland
Department of Trauma Surgery, Medical University, Lublin, Poland
Corresponding author
Andrzej Prystupa   

Department of Internal Medicine, Medical University, SPSK 1, Staszica 16, 20-081 Lublin, Poland.
J Pre Clin Clin Res. 2008;2(2):160-162
The incidence of colorectal carcinoma in the European population is high. The present paper describes the case of a farmer whose first symptom of rectal carcinoma was a metastatic tumour to the foot bones. Histopathological examinations of the tumour showed the presence of muciparous tubular adenocarcinoma. The patient underwent CT of the right foot, gastro- and rectoscopy, and scintigraphy of the whole body, The rectoscopy revealed the presence of rectal carcinoma. Despite rectal resection and amputation of the right lower limb, the patient died due to massive pulmonary embolism.
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