Diffuse large B cell lymphoma of the oral cavity – Case report
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Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Medical University, Lublin, Poland; Haematooncology Department, Medical University, Lublin, Poland
Corresponding author
Anna Gawęda   

Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Medical University, Staszica 11, 20-081 Lublin, Poland
J Pre Clin Clin Res. 2014;8(1):27-29
The study presents an atypical location of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the oral cavity in the area of the palate. Pathological changes of the mucosa of the palate in an 85-year-old female patient had been developing for many years as a result of upper denture irritation without any major symptoms. Histological examination revealed a Diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Due to being advanced in years, the patient was qualified for the local radiotherapy. In this particular case, the clinical picture of lymphoma imitated an inflammation of the mucosa of the oral cavity which resulted in delayed diagnosis and treatment.
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