Introduction and objective:
Pregnancy associated breast cancer (PABC) is among the most common malignancies occurring in pregnant and postpartum women. Due to the increasing frequency of diagnoses, it is essential to expand our knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Clinicians have to make many difficult decisions regarding the health and life of both the patient and the foetus. The aim of the review is to provide an overview of the disease, and delve into the available safe and controversial methods of treatment for PABC.

Review methods:
A review was conducted of scientific publications available in PubMed, Google Scholar, Clinical Key, Via Medica Journals, and guidelines for the diagnostic and therapeutic management of breast cancer. More than 95% of the publications were published within the last eight years.

Brief description of the state of knowledge:
Breast cancer is a widespread and increasing problem affecting women. The question of implementing appropriate imaging studies and subsequent treatment is a set of many difficult questions and decisions made by clinicians. It is mainly recommended to perform surgery, which is allowed at any stage of pregnancy, and chemotherapy after the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. The question of the use of targeted and hormonal therapy ranks among the controversial treatments due to the lack of sufficient studies of the drugs used and their effects on the foetus. Radiation therapy can be considered in necessary situations after calculating the appropriate dose reaching the foetus.

The review highlights the epidemiology, risk, prognosis and clinical presentation of PABC. Attention was paid to the available and safe diagnostics used in pregnant women. In addition, it delved into the available therapeutic methods and compared their safety of use at different stages of pregnancy and afterwards.

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