Alcohol and tobacco use in adolescents and young adults in Zimbabwe
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Physiologist, 22 Kimble Grove, Pype Hayes, Erdington, Birmingham B24 0RW, UK
Corresponding author
Ross Cooper   

Physiologist, 22 Kimble Grove, Pype Hayes, Erdington, Birmingham B24 0RW, UK.
J Pre Clin Clin Res. 2009;3(2):134-139
The review attempts to gain an insight into concurrent cigarette and alcohol usage, in the absence or association with a poor diet in Zimbabwean adolescents and young people, and proposes Christian perspectives towards nursing intervention. Current figures for alcohol and tobacco usage are unavailable in Zimbabwe given that it has a virtually completely collapsed economy, particularly the health infrastructure. Drug use was the highest among students of private schools; the use of alcohol (and tobacco) increased with increasing socio-economic status; an increase in life-time alcohol prevalence amongst rural students; and an increased frequency of alcohol (and cannabis) use among boys. In men, the risk of tobacco-associated incidence of oesophageal cancer rose 5.7 times amongst smokers of ≥15 g/day, and in women 4.0 times vs. those who never smoked. Rural secondary school pupils showed an 18.5% prevalence rate of tobacco usage. Numerous Scriptures are given to assist Christian counseling. Nurses need a team approach that revises their understanding of alcohol and tobacco dependency and the methods used to treat it, directed by a competent manager. Education, follow-up sessions and non-pharmacological treatment interventions are also essential in the recovery process.
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