Future perspectives of the role of Taxines derived from the Yew (Taxus baccata) in research and therapy
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Department of Disease Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Copenhagen University, Denmark
Corresponding author
Karina Andersen   

DVM Department of Disease Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Copenhagen University, Ridebanevej 9, DK-1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
J Pre Clin Clin Res. 2009;3(1):1-4
Yew (Taxus baccata) is a poisonous shrub, who´s toxic properties have been known since antiquity. Recently a molecule, paclitaxel, derived from the Yew has proved to have anticancerous properties, and now this paper raises the debate as to whether or not another molecule, Taxine B, also derived from the Yew, could be a potent new pharmacodrug. Further research in this area is now desperately required, but if positive results are found, they could change our perception of the Yew from being a toxic shrub to being the new medicinal super plant.
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